Tuning Box Australia | Chiptuning pionner since 1988 - photo 1

About Tuning Box

Tuning Box is a pioneer of perfrormance chips for diesel, petrol, hybrid and electric engines.

Since 1988, our company has offered solutions for increasing vehicle power, as well as the Tune Pedal, the throttle response controller which acts only on your accelerator's latency .

Despite the arrival of numerous competitors on the engine performance market over the last few years, Tuning Box remains the uncontested market leader thanks to the quality of its chiptuning units and its highly skilled and accessible technical team.

The professionalism of our Research & Development department, whose reputation in the automotive industry precedes it, is also a key element in our international success. The experience we have developed over many years has enabled us to produce extremely high-performance powerchips and pedal boxes for thousands of vehicles.

Our equipment:

  • MAHA LPS 3000 power bench;
  • BOSCH FLA 206 power bench;
  • Three specialist research and engine development units, for mechanics, electronics and metrology;
  • Two specialist laboratories: one for performance optimization and another for reducing fuel consumption.

All of this equipment is present in our workshops in Belgium, where our team of specialists ceaselessly develops the best chiptuning units and best service for you and your vehicle.