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Tuning Box powerchips are connected between the ECU and engine of your vehicle, interacting directly with the instructions issued by the ECU and the information collected by the engine sensors. The microprocessor inside our chiptuning units intercepts and optimises these two information streams in real-time, then sends the optimised data to both the engine and the control unit. Our technologies do this by tapping into the engine’s power reserves, without affecting the factory-installed security systems. The result is impressive: your engine's power and torque are significantly increased (by up to 30%) and your fuel consumption is reduced by roughly 1 l/100 km*.



The high-end chiptuning

TuningBox Evolution from 0€

Maximum power, incredible dynamism and better acceleration!

Our latest generation of chiptuning "Tuning Box Evolution" is without a doubt the best on the market.

Tuning Box Evolution is equipped with:

  • A digital keyboard offering three driving modes (Sport, Race and Eco) and the option to adapt each mode to the profile of each driver*;
  • Multiple engine block connections to maximize the performance of every engine;
    Ultra-fast microprocessors which instantly transmit information to your engine's ECU;
  • AMP plugs (renowned high-quality plugs used by car manufacturers);
  • An ultra-solid, heat-resistant and 100% waterproof case

This performance chip enables you to use your engine's full power, without exceeding the manufacturer's limits.

hp / Nm
5-year Product Guarantee
-1L / 100 



TuningBox Classic

High performances from 299€

hp / Nm
5-year Product Guarantee
-1L / 100 


Enter the Tuning Box world at a mind-blowingly low price.

The Tuning Box Classic powerchip uses similar technology to our premium model. The only differences lie in the engine connections and processor. The unit's performance is slightly lower than the Tuning Box Evolution but guarantees a new driving experience and reduced fuel consumption.



The essential accessory

Tune Pedal from 199€

Looking for new thrills?

Our throttle control system optimizes the response times of your accelerator without affecting your engine's performance. The result for the driver is far more sporty and dynamic driving as your engine's power is released faster.

As with our ECU tuning boxes, you can install this pedal box yourself very easily and without any risk of error. Our plugs come with high-end AMP connectors (the same plugs used by car manufacturers) specific to each vehicle and an illustrated installation instructions.

A digital keyboard can be used to adjust the Tune Pedal to each profile of driver and traffic conditions. You can choose from three driving modes (Race, Sport and Comfort) and can also adjust each mode



With or without unit





As you probably know, manufacturers make high-performance vehicles but don’t harness their full potential.

With our Tuning Box Fusion, you can make the most of this untapped potential to deliver

the ultimate driving experience – total freedom! You’ll see an incredible boost to both power and torque, and your accelerator pedal will become much more responsive.


Our engineering team has been working tirelessly to bring you the perfect harmony between our Tuning Box Evolution power chip and our Tune Pedal.



With our Fusion pack fitted to your car, you’ll want to grab any opportunity to take it out for a spin.

So whether you’re driving in the city on the coast, on a country road or a motorway, setting off on holiday or nipping to the closest supermarket, you can enjoy the full benefits of our technology: better performance, less fuel consumption, enhanced acceleration, a more fluid driving experience, and many others besides.


PurchaseGet a discount of 199€ when you buy our Fusion pack



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